SunFunder's Impact

We are financial innovators who are dedicated to driving global change through improving access to clean, reliable energy. Here are some ways we're making an impact.

We’re working in areas that lack reliable access to electricity. SunFunder has provided loans for solar companies/projects in 21 countries in Africa and beyond.

Energy access

We’ve helped 7 million people gain improved access to solar energy, empowering lives and businesses with an energy source that’s clean, reliable, affordable and better for the environment.

700,000+ TONS 
of CO2 mitigated annually
Climate change

Our work has prevented 700,000+ tons of CO2  equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere annually. If we take it that a typical passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide a year, that's approximately the equivalent of 152,000 cars per year.

Consumer protection

SunFunder was the first investor to endorse the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code. We support GOGLA's six principles for safeguarding consumer rights in the off-grid solar industry.

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