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Our investments are achieving direct impact at the intersection of climate change and inequality. Mirova SunFunder has been at the center of the growth of a new sector bringing extraordinary impact.


people benefiting from clean energy access from our portfolio companies during 2022


tons of C02eq
cumulatively mitigated by our portfolio companies
SunFunder borrower Daystar Power installation in Ikeja, Nigeria (credit Daystar Power).jpg
Climate mitigation

Solar energy displaces fossil fuel power generation and lighting, helping to set the world’s fastest growing regions onto low carbon development pathways.

Climate adaptation

Our investments deliver improved food security, water efficiency, economic productivity and other climate resiliency, particularly in agriculture and rural areas likely to experience the worst effects of climate change.

Harmonic Systems_edited.jpg
Energy access

Distributed solar systems have now connected hundreds of millions of people in off-grid areas to modern energy services, bringing transformational social and economic benefits.

Economic empowerment

Households and enterprises thrive with better energy access and improved reliability, while clean energy development creates jobs and delivers energy cost savings.

SunFunder borrower Vitalite customer, Zambia (credit Vitalite).jpg
SunFunder borrower SunCulture solar irrigation customer, Kenya (credit SunCulture).jpg
Gender leadership

Women particularly benefit from the social and economic benefits of distributed solar, and we are committed to gender leadership: our funds qualify for the G7’s 2X Challenge on gender.

SunFunder borrower SolarWorks! customers, Mozambique (credit SolarWorks!)_edited.jpg
Equitable growth

We work with investees with robust ESG practices, and support consumer protection: we were the first investor to endorse the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code for the off-grid solar industry.

SunFunder borrower Winch Energy remote power unit (RPU) in Adido, Benin (credit Winch Ener
We aim to catalyze millions of GHG reductions, help vulnerable communities avoid and adapt to the worst effects of climate change, and impact millions of people with improved access to energy.
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