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SunFunder borrower Winch Energy remote power unit (RPU) in Adido, Benin (credit Winch Ener
Mirova SunFunder is a specialist financing company dedicated to solving climate change and energy access.
Who we are

In 2012, co-founders Ryan Levinson and Audrey Desiderato launched a business dedicated to solving the critical challenges of energy access and climate change in emerging markets, and SunFunder was born. The company started as a crowdfunding platform, and evolved rapidly to offer innovative financial solutions by bringing together investors in blended debt funds.

Our mission is to pioneer and scale climate investments in emerging markets, with a current focus on the clean energy transition in Africa and Asia. Our 40 person team, based in Nairobi, London, Paris and most recently Singapore, has built the most extensive track record of distributed solar investments in Africa – financing 60 solar companies and projects over the last decade.

In June 2022, SunFunder joined forces with impact investing leader Mirova to accelerate emerging market clean energy and climate investments as Mirova SunFunder.


Having been the first movers in financing off-grid solar, we are now expanding our capabilities to scale up our investments in new sectors and geographies.

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Our team

Our greatest strength is our team. We are proud to have built a team of experts who bring together a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, and are dedicated to driving a global energy transformation to solve energy access and climate change.

Our values
Embrace and lead change

… it’s the way of pioneers. 

We strive to be the leading solar finance experts worldwide by building a team that is hungry to learn and innovate within a rapidly evolving market.

Own it

… and always exceed expectations.

We take pride in delivering our best, taking responsibility for our learning journey, and being the most trusted and  reliable partners to our colleagues, clients and investors.

Do what's right the long run for our company, clients, investors and our planet.

Driven by our mission of scaling clean energy, we always deal in an honest, direct and transparent way. 

Prioritize what matters

… we work hard, but life is short.

We surround  ourselves with diverse and awesome people; we play like a team  and manage our energy to thrive in work and in life.

Award-winning fund manager

Our role pioneering and scaling clean energy and climate investments has been recognized in several awards.

Who we work with

We partner in our blended finance fund offerings with investors including development finance institutions, private institutional investors, impact investors, family offices, foundations and high net worth individuals.


We invest in distributed clean energy companies and projects across Africa, Asia and other emerging regions that need debt financing to scale – and investment advisory to develop the right structure.

How we work 

We believe in acting with integrity: being truthful in all of our activities,
being honest and respectful to all whom we deal with, and following strong ethical principles.

Read more in our Code of Conduct policy

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