What we do

SunFunder provides innovative debt financing for solar enterprises working in emerging and frontier markets. We collaborate with major debt fund investors around the world to unlock capital for solar energy projects. Find out more below.

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Who we are

We are experts in solar finance who are working to make an impact in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We use our extensive knowledge of the market to provide innovative financing solutions to our borrowers, while offering our investors diversified fund opportunities.

What we do

Scaling up solar in the places that need it the most requires debt financing led by a deep understanding of the market. SunFunder provides that capital and expertise, acting as a financing bridge between those who want to invest in this rapidly emerging sector, and those who need funding to facilitate their energy needs.


In a sector that still faces a lack of commercially-scalable financing, we have developed a successful model for unlocking investor capital and providing the financing required to power lasting change.

Who we work with
Investors: We have partnered in our blended debt fund offerings with investors including development finance institutions, impact investors, family offices, foundations, high net worth individuals and other institutional investors.
Borrowers: We invest in solar enterprises across Africa and other regions that need debt financing to scale. We help companies that are active in the off-grid, residential, productive use, mini-grid and commercial and industrial solar sectors. These companies range from established global players to early-stage pioneers.
Where we work

We work primarily in regions that lack reliable access to electricity. Currently we have financed projects in 20 countries across sub-Saharan Africa, India and other regions. Most of our team is based in Nairobi and London.