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SunFunder shares lessons on blended finance in white paper

SunFunder is excited to share a new white paper "Scaling Energy Access with Blended Finance: SunFunder and the Role of Catalytic Capital," reporting on its latest efforts to leverage catalytic capital from the DOEN Foundation, Facebook, The Packard Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation, among others, to blend in other investors essential to reaching scale.

The paper focuses on lessons from SunFunder’s experience having unlocked over $62m by the end of 2017 through a series of innovative aggregated debt funds which have offered investors a route into the sector. Drawing on the experience from its current funds and more recent engagements with future investors, SunFunder also presents some considerations for moving forward with new partnerships.

“Through their willingness to bear upfront risks, Facebook and Rockefeller’s junior investments catalyzed 11 times the investments in more senior capital positions in our most recent fund,” said Ryan Levinson, SunFunder founder and CEO. “By blending together catalytic capital with private and development finance, we think scaling this model with institutional investors is just around the corner.”

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