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Annual Review: a decade of pioneering investments and impact at scale

This year marks SunFunder’s 10th anniversary – and we have now completed investments impacting over 10 million people with clean energy access, mitigating millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

As we've built our track record and learnings on closing clean energy investments in emerging markets, we've felt we could be doing more. At the same time, SunFunder is uniquely positioned to accompany the sector in its next phase.

So over the last year, we’ve grown our team by a third, and are working on a new $500 million fund, the Gigaton Empowerment Fund. Its name reflects the scale of our ambition. We are building SunFunder to be the world’s leading emerging market clean energy and climate investor.

As our founders Audrey Desiderato and Ryan Levinson say in their reflections on the past year:

We took a big decision last year to go big. We’d felt this since before the pandemic, watching climate disasters accelerate, knowing this is really the decade to do everything we can, and seeing the role SunFunder plays in pioneering and scaling emerging market clean energy investments – part of a fundamental reallocation of capital towards decarbonizing our economies.

See our Annual Review 2021 (or smaller file size lo res version).

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