Our Story

SunFunder provides finance for solar energy in parts of the world where people and businesses lack reliable access to electricity. We’re more than a finance company; we’re a group of forward-thinking industry leaders who are dedicated to making a global impact. Here is our story.


SunFunder’s founder Ryan Levinson began his career in the U.S. working first for the World Resources Institute, and later on for Wells Fargo, where he led over $500 million of investments in solar projects. Inspired by the potential of solar energy, and driven by a deep knowledge of this sector, Ryan wanted to do more.

At the time, there were about 2 billion people living in parts of the world with either no access to electricity or an unreliable grid. The economics of solar and the transformation it could bring in this context were obvious, and he began to design a solution.​

Working with co-founder Audrey Desiderato, Ryan discovered that empowering businesses and communities with clean energy came with some challenges. Specifically, they uncovered a crucial barrier to facilitating solar: every single solar financing company they spoke with said that they lacked access to debt capital, and this was the biggest challenge holding them back.​

In 2012, Ryan and Audrey set up a business dedicated to solving that critical challenge, and SunFunder was born. The company evolved rapidly and was soon offering innovative financial solutions by bringing together investors in blended debt funds.​

Today, SunFunder is an award-winning organisation that's making a lasting impact in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We’re proud to have unlocked $135 million in funding for solar projects. In doing so, we have helped 7 million people with access to clean, reliable energy.​