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SunFunder provides diversified, high impact, fixed-income debt fund opportunities, with vetted portfolios comprised of emerging market solar investments. Find out more about investing below.

How we work

SunFunder raises debt funds from institutional and other accredited investors, offering access to the solar sector so they can put their money to work in this rapidly growing and impactful market.

SunFunder has the leading track record in this sector, having been early pioneers. With a deep understanding of the complexities of emerging market solar, we are proven financial innovators. 

  • So far, we've unlocked $139 million in capital for solar

  • We work with global investment institutions such as DFC and Calvert Impact Capital

  • We are experts in blended finance, working with a full spectrum of investors so that the sector can achieve true scalability

Solar Energy Transformation (SET) Fund



Kenya Off-Grid Solar Access Project (KOSAP) debt fund
managed account

We were selected to manage the $30m debt fund that is part of the Kenya Off-Grid Solar Access Project (KOSAP). The fund offers local currency debt financing to solar companies working in 14 target counties and is designed to help Kenya achieve universal access to energy by 2022.

The KOSAP solar components - the $30m debt facility as well as $12m in results-based financing (RBF) grants - are funded by Kenya’s Ministry of Energy with support from the World Bank. Our partner SNV Netherlands Development Organization is responsible for the KOSAP facilities overall and manages the RBF program.


Beyond The Grid Solar Fund

The first close of the Beyond The Solar Grid (BTG) Fund in October 2016 was anchored by DFC, The Rockefeller Foundation and MCE Social Capital.

Other investors who joined in later closings include FMO, BIO, Sant Foundation, Packard Foundation, Anthos, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Baldwin Brothers and others. 


Beyond The Grid Solar Fund
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*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing in solar through SunFunder involves risk of principal loss. SunFunder does not guarantee repayment. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.