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SunFunder is the leading partner for solar companies in Africa and beyond that need debt financing to scale. We provide innovative financial solutions for businesses working in off-grid, residential, productive use, mini-grid and commercial and industrial solar.

Our track record

We are financial experts with a deep knowledge of the solar sector.


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Who we work with

We work with companies ranging from established global players to early stage pioneers active in sectors from off-grid to C&I solar. Explore some of the companies we've financed.

For many years, d.light and SunFunder have grown together, helping us reach over 100 million people. We appreciate their expertise and responsiveness, and we’re pleased to continue building a future of clean energy for all together.
Ned Tozun,
d.light CEO
What we offer
Scalable loans
Structuring capability
Arrangement of syndications
Local currency options
Flexibility and speed
Long-term partnerships
What we look for

We are a debt provider, and as such are looking for companies that have audited financials and at least 2 years of operational track record. We do not invest equity.

SunFunder can invest in companies and projects using solar in a broad range of applications. These include manufacturers, distributors, developers and EPCs in segments ranging from solar home systems to commercial-scale projects, and broader solar-enabled business models such as agricultural productivity or telecom ESCO projects.

We require you to have Environmental, Social and Governance policies in place – and can help you implement them if you don’t yet – and require residential distributors to have committed to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code.

If you’re interested in obtaining financing from us, please fill in the enquiry form.

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*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing in solar through SunFunder involves risk of principal loss. SunFunder does not guarantee repayment. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.